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Godrej 2CVM

Presenting the Godrej 2 Can Vending Machine. The latest addition to our vast range of offerings.
The two main factors taken into account while designing this product were health and safety. Besides, the best of breed technology used make it one of the most convenient & easy to handle vending machines in the market today.vending machines are designed to give the most reliable vending experience and aim at providing comfort and enhanced efficiency by maintaining a true hygienic environment.

Godrej 2CVM Features

- Light and compact
- High speed whipping for creamier coffee
- Built-in protection against overheating of water
- High degree of consistency with uniform taste in every cup
- Provision to disable the system after specified number of dispensing (counter)
- Low temperature cut-off to avoid dispensing at lower than specified water temperature
- Consistent performance under a wide range of voltage fluctuations
- Adaptable to online water supply and separate water storage tank
- Canister designed for maximum per-mix usage
- Built in digital counter

Optional: Full cup and half cup for each flavour.
All this coupled with a fantastic nationwide sales and service network that we have developed over the years

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